Welcome to Peter Fox Shoes!
We are no Longer Taking Orders
To our customers, Thank-you for your patronage all these years!

                                                              Attention Customers:        
We have received the very unfortunate and sad news that our factory in Italy will not be able to produce our shoes any more.  They have had many issues over the last few years with suppliers of components and parts for the shoes, especially with heels and soles. This seems to be happening quite a bit in Italy as the shoe industry struggles to compete with cheaper manufacturing competition.

It is such a shame, as we believe the high level of quality and craftsmanship is one of the reasons Peter Fox Shoes are so special.  We will try to find a new factory....but this will take a long time, so it looks like Peter Fox Shoes will be going into a "hiatus".

We have valued and appreciated our customers throughout the years and will miss all of you.  Meanwhile, we are running a “last chance” sale on our website with many styles at large markdowns.  This collection will most likely be the last one for quite some time.

Thank-you all for being such wonderful customers!

   Peter Fox Bridal shoes & wedding boots are everything
the modern or traditional bride might want to wear on her wedding day. 
Bridesmaids and Mothers-of-the Bride and even Wedding guests will also 
find gorgeous dyeable silk shoes that are incredibly comfortable! 
 We at Peter Fox Shoes feel that there is nothing else to wear on your wedding  
day but the very best Bridal shoes. Our shoes are hand-made in Italy of the finest silks 
and Italian leathers. From our varying styles and heel heights-you'll be dancing on air all night.
 Our heels also make the perfect outdoor and dance wedding shoes.  Our dyeable bridal Shoes 
can be matched to your gown or dyed to any color such as pink, blue or red.  
Peter Fox Shoes has a legacy of beautiful design & comfort that will last a lifetime. 
We are also known for womens Italian shoes for "everyday". Leather shoes based on styles from 
Victorian Boots, Steampunk Boots, Edwardian, 1920's Mary-Jane Shoes and 1940's 
Platform Sandals for a "Vintage chic" look that never goes out of style.
Peter Fox Womens Designer Shoes are also loved by Broadway, Opera, Film and Television
performers and are in constant demand from some of the most
notable costume designers across the country.
  From A Beautiful Mind to The Titanic ...
you have seen our shoes on some of the most famous feet in the world.