Peter Fox Shoes has been in business for 30 years designing wedding, leather and evening shoes made in Italy. At the end of 2007 we closed our store in New York City's Soho district and have joined the world of e-commerce.  We are now operating completely online and are able to offer you our wonderful collection of silk and leather shoes.....they are beautiful AND comfortable! 
Peter Fox Shoes are made in a small family owned factory in Italy and are bench made using the finest Italian Silks, leathers and components. There is a tradition of fine craftsmanship in many areas of Italy where leatherwork and shoe making skills are handed down through generations; it's a family tradition.  All the shoe "lasts" have been custom crafted for our shoes and feature a full toebox, comfortable arch support and ergonomically structured heels.  

The linings are made of supple kidskin leather, often known as one of the softest and most pliable leathers.  As soon as you slip into your new shoes, you will feel the quality. Therefore Peter Fox shoes will mold to your feet and only become more comfortable. The leather soles are strong and pliable, although some of our customers prefer to have a local shoe repair shop add a rubber half sole that can be added to the sole of the shoe. This will protect the soles from wear and moisture on rainy days. We recommend occasional polishing to keep the leather supple and rich. With the proper care your shoes will last many years.

We are not a large corporation, we are a small family owned business that values quality, beautiful craftmanship and excellent customer service. Many of our customers return to us year after year and are still wearing their Peter Fox Shoes from the 1980's.